You have all the knowledge you need.

I am a big reader of articles with titles like; ‘How to overcome anxiety.’, ‘Become a better morning person.’, ’10 steps to a healthier lifestyle.’, ‘Introverts VS Extroverts.’, ‘The Introvert-Extravert.’, ‘Are you an Entrepreneur?’, ‘How to be the best you, you can be.’ and the list goes on…

I am always in search of ways to self-improve, and well when I started at my now current job, a colleague shared an article that just smacked me in the face. The truth is, we have all the information we need to improve our own well-being, to better our performance in our jobs and other tasks and even become the super humans we paint yourselves to be in our heads.

I have been on this earth for 30 years; from the day we took our first breath we have been taking in everything; sights, sounds, textures, smells…and as we get older, start reading and experiencing emotion, consequences and the like, we absorb it all. Locked in our minds.

We go to school, we learn to read, write and experience new emotions and a new opinion/view of ourselves and the world and others around us. 5 years spent at daycares and playgroups developing social skills and other basic tools needed before entering 12 years at ‘big’ school, where you then again are sent into a hurricane of emotions with the discovery of popularity statuses, the pressure of performance and the expectations of people you don’t even know.

So for 12 crucial years, more often than not, our nieve minds are warped and twisted into developing so many negativities and psychosomatic problems for ourselves, driving us into a flurry in search of the best form of help to get us out of this darkness and doubt. Social Media has made things that much harder!

Well here I am, 30 years old and man am I having a few words with that dear girl that was crushed during her teen years into a passive aggressive, ‘I am not so important’, give up at the first doubt from anyone. I have the knowledge, I have people who believe in me (even if they are not THE people I wanted believing in me, these people count – they are the important ones!) and I now have the belief in myself that I can do anything!

That’s not to say that I won’t still take a peek at some of the articles mentioned, but to do it more out of a curiosity than take them to heart. What works for one does not always work for another, but we have all the tools we need, we just have to use them and practice a little discipline and self-love.

This is the original article that ‘smacked’ me in the face: Stop Learning, Start Applying

I find myself drawn to writing about these inner thoughts, about self-love, overcoming fears, taking the initiative and following through on all the ‘talk’ occasionally throwing in some baking and highlights of course…after all I am not ALL serious. So if you do like reading these deeper ‘entries’ on my blog, I would love to know.

Thank you for showing interest in my rather messy, not quite found my ‘thing’ yet, blog.



The baking bug has got me going! So I thought I would give I Love Baking SA a browse for something delicious. As luck would have it, a Cheesecake! No I am a baked cheesecake girl through and through, but I accepted the challenge…and it looked too good to pass up on!
Stork's Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake1 | Just Rosemary BlogStork's Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake | Just Rosemary BlogI went shopping for the ingredients and decided to go Gluten Free for the biscuit base, as I am trying be better with my Gluten Free Life (blushes). I chose to use Gullon’s gluten free, vanilla biscuits. You can buy these at most super markets now and Dischem.

Cheesecake’s are not a cheap treat to make and so I was having a little indulgence making this one. I got baking and followed the instructions to the ‘T’, as this is why I love baking, it requires structure and the right measurements, order really.

This is what I noted:
* The instructions ask for you to push the biscuit mixture up the sides, which I do for my baked cheesecakes, although the picture shows otherwise.
* For a first time gelatine user I didn’t think to make sure my cream cheese was at room temperature before folding it in, oops! A few lumps but not a train smash!
* They suggest 250g of Strawberries, some for boiling and some for decorating, although I think you can use even less strawberries when boiling. (just my opinion)

That all said, I found it fun to bake and my family thoroughly enjoyed every piece down to the last crumb! So before I reveal this beauty please note, this is not one if you are watching that waistline *wink*
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake by Just RosemaryStrawberry Swirl Cheesecake top view by Just RosemaryStrawberry Swirl Cheesecake slice by Just RosemaryWhy don’t you give her a go!


Adventure, bad news, eyes opening, new prospects, an overwhelming sadness and new found joys…
Rosemary of Just RosemaryIn August, with a suggestion from a friend, a birthday gift from my parents and a generous offer from another old friend, I took myself off to the UK for a 3 week holiday! A trip that was completely amazing, and that I will get to blogging about after I filter through the 1000’s of pictures!

In the matter of two months I have lost my dearest kittens, my children and devoted companions. This is a pain that I have not been able to shake. I am filled with a heavy sadness, and anger.

I have found it interesting that when in such a state of grief that you take up small enjoyments that you might have forgotten about, like cooking, baking and reading…well for me anyway. In one week I cooked a corn chowder, and vegetarian lasagne and baked a banana bread. All gluten free of course, and to note I was home alone, so this food was perfect for the next week of dinners.

I bought a book, which I found at a second hand book store (which also sells vetkoeks) which I discovered while spending time with friends at a hair dresser. The book store was next door. Needless to say I have gotten stuck into it and subsequently bought another book, a week later. Both to do with art, one a fiction and the other a biography.

I start a new job next month. The same field as my current job but with the opportunity to branch out in the industry at the speed I would like, and the possibility of relocating. I feel that a drastic change in scenery is in order!
Rosemary of Just RosemaryWith all that has happened in the past few months I feel that I have found a new voice, or rather a more profound voice. My eyes are wide open and I am not going to stop!


It has been a very long time, in fact Autumn, is now Winter and I have not yet done a single post on the things that I planned on posting about, things I am sure really interest me.

I have thought about it for the longest time and I could not quite put my finger on why I was just not getting over that metaphorical hump. That one that you are still to reach the top of before taking that small step into the down hill where all your creativity flows and never stops…that endless motivation and drive you just are not quite getting at the moment.

And here is the answer…
“Humans are not machines and we can’t keep going at any job we keep pushing ourselves to do – it’s only natural. Even our hobbies can sometimes feel like a job when we pile too much pressure on our shoulders to be the best – as only bloggers know how to, eh? It can be hard to keep churning out great blog ideas when your mind isn’t in it…”

Zoe London’s post, ‘Finding Inspiration to Blog’ was exactly the read I was looking for. The clarity I needed and the comfort to know, that even as a ‘no one knows who I am’ blogger, that pretty much all bloggers go through the same motions and ‘writers’ block as others.

So I wanted to share just a handful of bloggers that inspired me and keep me interested in continuing down this path…yes they are all British.

Just Rosemary | Lily Melrose TK Maxx HQLily Melrose
This rock ‘n roll, graphic designer turned Fashion Blogger caught my eye back in 2011 when I thought she could quite possibly my friends doppelgänger!

Her openhearted approach to all her blogging and vlogs are what really drew me in. It was a breath of fresh air to have such raw emotion and honesty out there for everyone and anyone to connect with. She really inspired me and still does! [Instagram: @llymlrs]
Just Rosemary | Zoe London Facebook Zoe London
DJ, Fashion Blogger and all round kick-ass lady! I stumbled on Zoe after following Lilly Melrose. Both these ladies have a unique honesty to their ‘work’ and their followers which I admire.

Zoe’s multi-toned blue hair is what first caught my eye and then I read on. Her posts definitely arrive at the right time, every time for me. Just as I am thinking about something, or struggling to understand why or how…she delivers a post which hits the nail on the head! [Instagram: @zoelondondj]
Just Rosemary | InTheFrow FacebookInTheFrow
This Lilac lady is pure chic! Fashion lecturer turned full time blogger, Victoria is a girl that knows exactly what she fancies; travel, fashion and beauty. Her signature purple hair is just a small glimpse of this ladies pretty life, her writing is deep and insightful, the kind of writing you might find in a glossy. [Instagram: @inthefrow]

Just Rosemary | Wonderful U FacebookWonderful You
Dear Meg, bright eyed and always smiling. Recently Meg has decided to quite her job in the interior design world pursue blogging full time, but first an American Adventure!

Meg has a soft and welcoming heart (I have judge this by the way she writes and by her vlogs). She is very focussed on bringing about awareness of female health, from cervical cancer to body consciousness. Her bubbly personality is contagious and warm. [Instagram: @wonderful_u]

These two ladies are a more recent discovery, although I have been following them for a while but not quite as long as the others. They are more country and wholesome lifestyle orientated, focussing on the outdoors, hobbies, recipes and family gatherings.
Cider with Rosie Blog ImageCider with Rosie
Old soul Rosie writes about her everyday life and adventures with partner, Jason, and pup, Teddy. Her stories are delightful and her imagery of the English country side, family holiday snaps and everyday moments has you wanting to be there with her. I look forward to following her a little more avidly. [Instagram: @ciderwithrosieblog]
Bless this weather blog imageBless the Weather
This is Siobhan. She is a maker of beautiful things, photographer and small business owner. Knitting seems to be something she loves, along side calligraphy and blogging. She is very good with providing you with inspiring images and ideas, Siobhan’s Friday posts are definitely a must to follow and read. Another blog I am taking more time to follow and read. [Instagram: @siobhanwatts]

It has taken me a good hour…ok two hours to try and tweak/edit this post while climbing up trees and charging around this mini forest of a garden after my two mischievous kittens. I that hope that what I have left you with has tickled a little fancy to give these 6 women a google, browse, read and follow – or quite simply, click on their blog titles I have made them clickable (winks in your direction).

After all, there is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon, warm beverage of your preference in hand, reading new…and old blogs. So enjoy!

[All images used are from the ladies blogs or Facebook pages, I do not take any credit for them at all. I have provided links to their blogs]


While you wait for all this content which I have talked up, and so can’t disappoint, I thought I would fill you in on my life with a little catch up of sorts. This is going to be a LONG one… The Lion and I spent the past two weekends together; we joined my family for a little Drakensberg trip (no editing and no filters – Samsung S4)…
Just Rosemary | Ferns | DrakensbergJust Rosemary | Me & The Lion Just Rosemary | Flora | Drakensberg Just Rosemary | Gxalingenwa WaterfallJust Rosemary | Gxalingenwa Waterfall 2Just Rosemary | Walk to Gxalingenwa Waterfalland then a weekend down the south Coast with Scuba Steve..
Just Rosemary | Ramsgate | AutumnJust Rosemary | Ramsgate | Autumn 2It really is a treat to be able to ‘escape’ to these places and share some laughs with friends and family. Especially before returning to the rat race and getting on top of deadlines and adult life…

For the past four weeks I have been dealing with everyone but Father Christmas trying to get financing for a vehicle. This has proved to be quite an unpleasant experience and has taken all the fun out of getting my very first second car, but my very first car in my name. Yeah I know right, just in time to wrap up my 20’s! This is what happens when you don’t have an already existing credit record (cringe). But here we are, week four, and I have it! My big bottomed girl! She is a n i20 2010 model in white and she is marvellous! (beams)

At the same time as organising a new car I came across a litter of kittens up for adoption at our South Coast SPCA…Just one look at these little dears and I fell in love! Of course by the time I managed to get in touch with them, there were only two left for adoption and they were two that had caught my eye….here are 8 week old Maya and Jasper!
Just Rosemary | Maya & JasperThey have been home for a week and have already meet all three pups and our other two cats. The ladies, our other two cats, are not very happy about the idea. In fact Raisin, our stray who moved in, is so unimpressed all she can do is hiss and run. Which leaves our other cat Jamie, a tabby with a ‘you can love when I say you can love me’ kind of attitude, allowing them to get fairly close with the occasional spit. They will be settled in in no time at all!

So that’s my life to date, now I am back to editing my first post for category post ‘The Things I Have Done’…

Have a fantastic week!


Today I bring you a small taste of what is to come!

I have come to realise that I have been doing a lot of emotional ‘venting’ while holding back on the other things I am passionate about. It is also most likely due to the fact that I have been procrastinating and coming up with all kinds of excuses…like not having the right photographic skills, or the right props for a particular shoot…well enough is enough and I am getting my A into G (smile)!

My blog will be undergoing an image change, as I brush up on my WordPress skills and get all these posts in their correct categories/labels and give credit where credit is due. I have also decided, and this is going to sound crazy, to start afresh on Instagram. I will be keeping my Instagram handle but deleting my images and starting over…new beginnings and fresh starts. My Facebook page has been unpublished for the same reason and will be back up as soon as I have things in order again. And of course, I have been working on some new content for your reading pleasure. I have been doing a little self reflection and really digging deep into the things that I am interested in and have come up with some basic themes which I think you will all like;

– This is where my ‘On My Mind’ and ‘Lately’ post will have title changes but still be the same thoughts. I will share some of my hand journalling to date as well as any other magical thoughts and happenings that might come my way…movie reviews, other bloggers I follow, Instagram and such!

Vanity Fair
– Here you will find all my favourite products of the moment and season. A little review one each product as well as any make-up applications, fashion and other seasonal vanity bits I indulge in.

Things I Have Done
– Past and Present…throw backs and just the other days happenings. Big, small and all the in betweens. Holiday destinations, weekend wonderings and even achieving a few goals to get out into the ocean and up into the mountains. Adventure and some soul nurturing.

The Gluten Free Kitchen
– I will be putting my culinary skills to the test with recipes, box mix reviews as well as some of the best Gluten Free goods you can find in this small town and around!

To kick start my creativity, I am off to the Berg this weekend and look forward to compiling this content in hope that things will flow a lot smoother here-on out. If any of these topics have tickled your fancy then I hope you will keep an eye on this little blog for the next few weeks!


A good few weeks have passed and NO blog posts. I would be lying if I told you that I was just being lazy, but the truth is…I get anxious, sometimes…ok, all the time. I stress about what to write about, how much to share and what not to share, how to write about those important to me but not offend them and then wonder if I should be writing about them at all…

Overcast Beach Walk Just RosemaryI spent Valentine’s weekend down the South Coast with ‘The Lion’, we might not be an item but we still enjoy each others company very much. We spend most of our time driving through the back roads and visiting our favourite antique store…and there is always a coffee stop. But what I love most about our time together is sharing our every thought…our ‘pie in the sky’ dreams; of one day owning a cafe, travel, our next project and so much more.

We are finally able to be ourselves, no expectations from one another, just complete acceptance of what each others wants and that we are doing it how we can to get there. It is also because of this that I decided to take up journalling at the beginning of the year. I have never been one for non-fiction, but find myself giving it a go anyway!

Over analysing has kind of been my thing for as long as I can remember, but I have recently discovered, or have had a shocking reminder, that this was not always me. Not all of us get that magical feeling of knowing who you are, where you want to be and what you want to do…no I am grouped with that ever growing group of drifters and dreamers. These are my kind of people, the ones that don’t always know where they are going but are content, happy in their journey. The ones that find the rough edges beautiful and charming, even endearing at times. These are the people I love.

With that said, those who have their lives planned and are focused 24/7, I admire you! To have things all figured out and be right on your way to that big beautiful goal, I applaud you! I used to think I was one of these people, others made me think I was one of these few people too…and then I got lost in it all, worried that if I stopped ‘being’ this person that others would be disappointed in me, that I would let them down, and their image of me would be destroyed forever…

At this stage you become lost in some kind of limbo, a space you put negative meaning to, a space that to you means that you have failed! Failed at life, at being a human. I have often used this word, ‘limbo’, with those close to me, always talking about a limbo-like state I don’t wish to be in. Recently I have discovered, with a little guidance, that this limbo that I am so afraid of, is the part of me I lost and buried all those years ago when I thought it was not ok to be me…this limbo is ME!

– Unknown –

So as I slowly unravel this limbo I decide to take a trip down memory lane. It’s inspired me to be more aware of all the good and to start to minimise all the negative.

When I stared these ‘On My Mind’ posts it was not my intention to upset, offend or portray anyone in my life in a bad light. This is a direct documentation of how I have processed my actions, and emotions, and their sometimes bitter outcomes. I speak of upbringings, friends and family, but in no way am speaking for them in a negative light or saying that they purposefully went out of their way to make me feel any kind of sadness. These are my thoughts, my perceptions, my interpretations of a long line of situations that I distorted, absorbed and allowed to change me…

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”
– Buddha –

Here comes the light!

HELLO 2015

As you can see, I am a bit behind on the resolutions/goal sharing for 2015. But I wanted to be sure of them before I displayed them to you, my readers, who ever you are out there…

Last year I didn’t create a goals list to share with you but rather a ‘self defining’ list. What I have come to realise over the past year is that one should not force something, but rather find the enjoyment of the tasks at hand and they will come naturally.

I have spent the first week of January thinking carefully of what I want to achieve this year and then stepping back and saying, ‘this is what I am going to achieve this year.’ By allowing myself to look at these goals as fun tasks rather than life milestones, I have already canceled out the anxiety factor. They all still have some kind of time span, but not a DEADLINE. I have split my goals up into two categories; Main Goals (Larger life goals, to be achieved in order to ensure an easier way of living) and General Points of Focus (smaller goals and resolutions to focus on and achieve to enhance my skills, relationships and general sense of well being).
Just Rosemary 2015 Processed with VSCOcam2015 this is what I have for you…

My main goals: The first steps to accepting adulthood.
1. Buy a new car; Beast, the old girl, is growing tired and is losing control of many of her basic functions these days.
2. Get my own medical aid
3. Upgrade my investment account; Ensure I am putting away 10% every month, at least.

General points of focus: Just some little carrots to keep me moving forward.
Health & fitness 
Now this can fall into a number os classes, but I am going to work on 2 specific areas; Physical and Emotional.
1. Join an aerobic class where I will be watched over to ensure I am burning that fat and toning that body!
2. Try more GF recipes and plan ahead for most meals to ensure I am eating a balanced meal.
3. Drink more water and less sugar/caffeine/carbs/meat.
4. Join a yoga/pilates group to strengthen my core and assist with flexibility. As well as a form of meditation.

This year I would like to improve my Social Media Marketing knowledge and skills in order to be able to performer in a higher roll when/if required.
1. Get on top of things; ‘Do today what can be done today’. My organisation is one of my better skills and I must use it.
2. Increase my knowledge and skills on strategy/content planning.
3. Less anxiety and more smiles.

1. I want to strengthen existing friendships
2. Make more wonderful memories with friends, family and partners.
3. Start a few traditions, that will hopefully continue for years to come.

Skills & Hobbies
I thrive on learning new things and developing new skills.
1. Hand Lettering; Along side my RO-RO project I want to be able to hand draw original content for my social media platforms. I will be doing this over the course of the year.
2. Horticulture; I love plants, have an interest in hydroponics and would like to start engaging in a more sustainable garden project. But at the top of my list…I will be a successful orchid grower!
3. Photography; I have a Canon 400D SLR, I have it’s manual…have I ever read it, no! So this year I will be learning how exactly to use this lovely thing and hopefully bring you some great pictures.
4. More Make-up; As a makeup artist I have not done any work in so long, so I am planning a few projects and hopefully they will come to life over course of the year. And perhaps learn a few new techniques!
5. Drawing; Ah, art. I have not sat down and proper drawn since…maybe 2011. I used to love art. So this will be the year I get back into it.
6. Cooking; Let’s try level up in the baking department…and in the savouries, let’s try start!
7. Photo Shop; When I say I have basic skills, I mean basic skills! I want to really develop my knowledge and skills in this department to bring you a blog with clear images and illustrations.
8. Journalling; Is there really an art to journalling? I will find out. This way I will be able to keep record of all my adventures and doings and be able to bring you posts with a clearer thought than that of my thoughts now. (smile) I also hope that this will better my writing skills.
9. Read more; I would like to really make an effort to read more than one book in a year…more than one book in three years (cringe!).
10. Get crafty; I had to round it off to ’10’ and this one to me is very important as I always talk a big game at the beginning of the year about how I will make gifts this year, as well as halloween costumes etc so I have added it to the list! I am excited to share all my gift making with you guys! (grins)


1. Set dates and make actual plans to go away; Camping, Hiking and even over night stays.
2. Take a day trips; museums, parks, galleries, theatre etc.
3. Travel a little further than our front door at least once a year. It’s doable, so why on earth not!

No matter how small the success, celebrate it, make a thing out of it! Not just my successes but the people around me too.
1. Send a note, send flowers, make a card, have a small gathering…celebrate!
2. Attend celebrations. Do your best never to turn one down!
3. Throw a party; Holidays, Birthdays…don’t stress too much about the planning, it will all come together with a little faith and party spirit!

I have been a little careless around this festive, merry time of the year and now I find myself having to be very careful on how or what I am spending money on. that said, my bonus this year went right into savings! (beaming to myself).
1. Make a more concerted effort to keep on top of my finances; A monthly track of how and where I have been spending my money.
2. Start seeing where I could be putting my pennies this year; A small amount of money aside into a travel fund, house fund or other can be hugely beneficial by the end of the year.

1. Take the time to produce quality posts.
2. Do not back date a single post.
3. More images of my doings.
4. Give my blog it’s own Facebook page (mini freak out!)
In doing this I hope to have a more regular schedule and hope to include more of my bigger projects; RO-RO and MothWorks, which have both sort of taken a back seat at the moment.

So there you have it! I have a hunger for learning,  goals, deadlines and time frames, yet find myself wanting to just lie among the trees and take in every sight and sound. So let it be this year, this is the time and my journey starts now!


It has been quite a rush to try and wrap up 2014 in time to start a fresh new year! We all know things don’t go quite as smoothly as we would like them to…but we always find a way to pick ourselves up and make a ‘not so great’ situation into something that fits, works and leaves us smiling in the end! I give you my 2014 ‘wrap up’…

Just Rosemary ChangeProjects:
So here I sit, with my first prototype of a bunny I have been sewing for years and I find that my heart sinks, but not too much before I have halted it’s decent and lifted it back up! So I sit with my prototype; it’s distorted, tight and not very cuddly body like a board in my hand. I run my fingers along the stitching, breath pausing when my fingers meet the stitches that have enclosed the unfriendly stuffing. I am not happy. My dear little labels, logo just peeping out, look out of place and positioned on the wrong side…

This is my first experience using a manufacturer. To trust someone else to create something that you thought up and created, that others have taken to over the years only to be overcome by disappointment is very hard. This, I am afraid, is business; you will not always ace your production first time, and you will feel/be let down, but you need to stay focused and remember why you started.

I have decided to set up a meeting in the new year and speak with the gentleman one on one, with the middle man there to ensure that all I have to discuss and convey is understood and adhered to throughout the process.

I started doing some research on the dealings with manufacturers and ones middle man in these processes, and low and behold Martha has the answer (smiles). I have done a thorough read through of this article and even bookmarked it as reference. I have a clear plan now; This time I will be taking a complete prototype of each of my creations and not just the separate elements (this last time things were a little rushed and I was slightly blinded by the excitement that others see what I see). I will have all fabric swatches available, as well as already made patterns and a breakdown on what pricing I am expecting.

These are lessons we all have to learn, and good ones. In fact, I see this as an opportunity to sit down with a group of people and explain to them my vision, help them fall in love with these little creatures as I have.

sketch book1And with regards to MothWorks…well I am still working on that! (Bashful smile)

Just Rosemary Towards the Sun Relationships:
Over the past few years, or should I say most of my life, I have had friends and partners enter my life with my thoughts of them staying forever. I have had a my heart broken more than 3 times and have drifted from friends who have followed new paths. But this year has topped all those years when I finally experienced a broken heart from friendships.

Friendships are just as intense as relationships with partners and hurt just as much when they come to an end. And you can try until you are wrecked and torn to try and fix whatever it was that you might have, or might not have done, but in the end you have to come to the realisation that not all relationships are meant to last forever. In this you will find comfort. To realise and understand that people are in our lives, in our journeys to teach us certain things, and we must take these things and either hold them close to us or make a mental note and try not to repeat history.

With all this said, one should not be left drowning in their emotional turmoil but rather lift themselves out of that dark damp hole and follow the sunshine!
Just Rosemary Courage
Vanity Fair:
With everything going on I discovered that from going on and off of my pill has caused me to have the affect of adult acne!!! This is a disaster! The discovery was made one day when my skin was so sore and tender that I just could not face going to work, not to mention a nasty fungus that had developed on my feet and a blistered type of eczema which I miss diagnosed (self diagnosed) as a gluten reaction, when I decided to visit a skin specialist. He proceeded to charm me with his impeccable bedside manner when he told me that I will have this condition until I am about 40!

As charmed as I was (I wasn’t) I accepted his advice and proceeded to purchase all kinds of ointments and a three month course of antibiotic, costing what resembled a small fortune….needless to say I am foot fungus free, hand eczema free and made a final decision to go back on Orotane.

This trauma resulted in my discovery, of what I have claim to be, a divine range of products! In November I purchased a LUSH product that does everything it says it will leaving your feeling fresh and exhilarated! I also purchased the first of many Esse products in September…LOVE them!!!

I seem to have become a bit of a buyer into the ‘well groomed’ world over the last few months of 2014. I have always felt that one should always take good care of oneself, and so I started a little late, but just in time I think, for the new year that is. A new year with products I have tested and am happy to continue with. I hope to do a few reviews and shares on these specific products which have caught my fancy, and would love to hear your thoughts!

It is no surprise that I find happiness in the simple pleasures; gardening, baking, organising, to name a few. I have spent my year caring for orchids (4 out of about 7 died and the others are in high care after the disastrous Christmas Day saga!), dabbling in a little baking (gluten free) and cleaning/reorganising my bedroom/office/sanctuary/closet. Ahhh…the instant weight that is lifted when your possessions are fewer, less cluttered and accessible.

I take the simple things for granted, look past the small gestures of kindness and forget to reward what should be taken note of and not what magical disillusion i have burned into my mind. Receive gracefully, be kind and always, always smile…
Just Rosemary Life is ArtYes I think I am going to be ok!


I just realised that I didn’t do a ‘On My Mind…’ post for the past two Mondays. I think It’s a good thing as sometimes things do become overwhelming and too deep when they really are just simple.

Over the past month I have read several blog posts, all focusing on ‘alone time’, ‘why did we start blogging’ and ‘have we lost the true meaning of blogging’. These are all very interesting points and I think I am slowly getting back to the root of all of them. So I sat down and thought about it and this what I have come up with…

I started blogging because:
– I wanted to share my thoughts, deep or otherwise.
– I wanted to share my hobbies.
– I wanted to share my adventures.
– I wanted to show you the beautiful people in my life.
– I wanted to share my life, day to day at some stage.
– I wanted to use this as an outlet to discover my core, to sift out all the unnecessary & really enjoy ME & the world around me.
love and belongingI have had many relationship falling outs over the past week. I have learned that there is a great deal of respect needed for everyones personal choices, no matter how hurtful they might seem to you at the time. Everyone deserves to be happy and have that happiness around them.

I have found comfort in discovering the route to all my anxieties and am so glad to be working through them, although on ones own is not always easy, you are able to discover many corners of yourself which you have steered away from for too long…which leaves many more questions to be answered but a clear path lies ahead.

The recent illness of someone close to me has brought much realisation to me on how silly my worries/problems are in comparison, again casting so much light on how we should be living versing how we try to live.

I have regrouped and reassessed and will be being moving forward in a rather delightful manner. I am no longer negative (well 80%) and am looking at nothing but the bright future that lies ahead. These ‘On My Mind…’ Mondays will no longer be so heavy but rather light and full of wonderful thoughts and musings (smile).

With 2015 just around the corner I hope to achieve more than just self reflecting, but rather a place for you to come read more about my two projects (RO-RO and MothWorks), the odd beauty review, adventures in the kitchen and the outdoors as well as some occasional curiosities.

I wish for you to enjoy these erratic thoughts and to become more comfortable with the person you are reading about, perhaps you relate to some of these struggles, or maybe you just enjoy the the baking part of my blog. I would really like to hear from you…