Winter born, cat lover, gluten intolerant cake eater, sometimes blogger and drinker of gin.

This is my blog, these are my stories.

I am a make-up artist by trade who is always trying to push the boundaries in creation and execution. I am intrigued by the bizarre and eccentric and like to express this in my work. I have recently rebranded myself as MothWorks. It manifested from my fascination with moths, my hunger to create and my love for dress-up. I collect vintage and antique props, clothes, accessories and even create some of my own. This desire to do more than just make-up has always existed, and I always go the extra mile on projects and shoots which I am involved.

My more Cancerian nature is channeled into another of my own creations, RO-RO. A child-like brand producing quirky plush toys, bunting, bags and more! Home decor, children and DIY have been a constant in my life and so RO-RO seemed so perfect. The name is something more sentimental really, it’s one of the nicknames given to me by my  parents as a child and so naming my brand after something child-like was right to me. Although I have never been trained in sewing I took it upon myself to ask, read and try, try. try again! It has been a very slow and frustrating road but I am growing my own little brand and it is incredible to see how far I have come!

Explore | Love | Celebrate

So, as a born and bred small town girl (Durban, South Africa), I yearn for more! For romance, travel, excitement and adventure! To move off the beaten track once in a while, to embrace things not going to plan, to meet new people and to take a journey that I will read about one day and be “wow, I did that!?”


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