You have all the knowledge you need.

I am a big reader of articles with titles like; ‘How to overcome anxiety.’, ‘Become a better morning person.’, ’10 steps to a healthier lifestyle.’, ‘Introverts VS Extroverts.’, ‘The Introvert-Extravert.’, ‘Are you an Entrepreneur?’, ‘How to be the best you, you can be.’ and the list goes on…

I am always in search of ways to self-improve, and well when I started at my now current job, a colleague shared an article that just smacked me in the face. The truth is, we have all the information we need to improve our own well-being, to better our performance in our jobs and other tasks and even become the super humans we paint yourselves to be in our heads.

I have been on this earth for 30 years; from the day we took our first breath we have been taking in everything; sights, sounds, textures, smells…and as we get older, start reading and experiencing emotion, consequences and the like, we absorb it all. Locked in our minds.

We go to school, we learn to read, write and experience new emotions and a new opinion/view of ourselves and the world and others around us. 5 years spent at daycares and playgroups developing social skills and other basic tools needed before entering 12 years at ‘big’ school, where you then again are sent into a hurricane of emotions with the discovery of popularity statuses, the pressure of performance and the expectations of people you don’t even know.

So for 12 crucial years, more often than not, our nieve minds are warped and twisted into developing so many negativities and psychosomatic problems for ourselves, driving us into a flurry in search of the best form of help to get us out of this darkness and doubt. Social Media has made things that much harder!

Well here I am, 30 years old and man am I having a few words with that dear girl that was crushed during her teen years into a passive aggressive, ‘I am not so important’, give up at the first doubt from anyone. I have the knowledge, I have people who believe in me (even if they are not THE people I wanted believing in me, these people count – they are the important ones!) and I now have the belief in myself that I can do anything!

That’s not to say that I won’t still take a peek at some of the articles mentioned, but to do it more out of a curiosity than take them to heart. What works for one does not always work for another, but we have all the tools we need, we just have to use them and practice a little discipline and self-love.

This is the original article that ‘smacked’ me in the face: Stop Learning, Start Applying

I find myself drawn to writing about these inner thoughts, about self-love, overcoming fears, taking the initiative and following through on all the ‘talk’ occasionally throwing in some baking and highlights of course…after all I am not ALL serious. So if you do like reading these deeper ‘entries’ on my blog, I would love to know.

Thank you for showing interest in my rather messy, not quite found my ‘thing’ yet, blog.