Adventure, bad news, eyes opening, new prospects, an overwhelming sadness and new found joys…
Rosemary of Just RosemaryIn August, with a suggestion from a friend, a birthday gift from my parents and a generous offer from another old friend, I took myself off to the UK for a 3 week holiday! A trip that was completely amazing, and that I will get to blogging about after I filter through the 1000’s of pictures!

In the matter of two months I have lost my dearest kittens, my children and devoted companions. This is a pain that I have not been able to shake. I am filled with a heavy sadness, and anger.

I have found it interesting that when in such a state of grief that you take up small enjoyments that you might have forgotten about, like cooking, baking and reading…well for me anyway. In one week I cooked a corn chowder, and vegetarian lasagne and baked a banana bread. All gluten free of course, and to note I was home alone, so this food was perfect for the next week of dinners.

I bought a book, which I found at a second hand book store (which also sells vetkoeks) which I discovered while spending time with friends at a hair dresser. The book store was next door. Needless to say I have gotten stuck into it and subsequently bought another book, a week later. Both to do with art, one a fiction and the other a biography.

I start a new job next month. The same field as my current job but with the opportunity to branch out in the industry at the speed I would like, and the possibility of relocating. I feel that a drastic change in scenery is in order!
Rosemary of Just RosemaryWith all that has happened in the past few months I feel that I have found a new voice, or rather a more profound voice. My eyes are wide open and I am not going to stop!


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