It has been a very long time, in fact Autumn, is now Winter and I have not yet done a single post on the things that I planned on posting about, things I am sure really interest me.

I have thought about it for the longest time and I could not quite put my finger on why I was just not getting over that metaphorical hump. That one that you are still to reach the top of before taking that small step into the down hill where all your creativity flows and never stops…that endless motivation and drive you just are not quite getting at the moment.

And here is the answer…
“Humans are not machines and we can’t keep going at any job we keep pushing ourselves to do – it’s only natural. Even our hobbies can sometimes feel like a job when we pile too much pressure on our shoulders to be the best – as only bloggers know how to, eh? It can be hard to keep churning out great blog ideas when your mind isn’t in it…”

Zoe London’s post, ‘Finding Inspiration to Blog’ was exactly the read I was looking for. The clarity I needed and the comfort to know, that even as a ‘no one knows who I am’ blogger, that pretty much all bloggers go through the same motions and ‘writers’ block as others.

So I wanted to share just a handful of bloggers that inspired me and keep me interested in continuing down this path…yes they are all British.

Just Rosemary | Lily Melrose TK Maxx HQLily Melrose
This rock ‘n roll, graphic designer turned Fashion Blogger caught my eye back in 2011 when I thought she could quite possibly my friends doppelgänger!

Her openhearted approach to all her blogging and vlogs are what really drew me in. It was a breath of fresh air to have such raw emotion and honesty out there for everyone and anyone to connect with. She really inspired me and still does! [Instagram: @llymlrs]
Just Rosemary | Zoe London Facebook Zoe London
DJ, Fashion Blogger and all round kick-ass lady! I stumbled on Zoe after following Lilly Melrose. Both these ladies have a unique honesty to their ‘work’ and their followers which I admire.

Zoe’s multi-toned blue hair is what first caught my eye and then I read on. Her posts definitely arrive at the right time, every time for me. Just as I am thinking about something, or struggling to understand why or how…she delivers a post which hits the nail on the head! [Instagram: @zoelondondj]
Just Rosemary | InTheFrow FacebookInTheFrow
This Lilac lady is pure chic! Fashion lecturer turned full time blogger, Victoria is a girl that knows exactly what she fancies; travel, fashion and beauty. Her signature purple hair is just a small glimpse of this ladies pretty life, her writing is deep and insightful, the kind of writing you might find in a glossy. [Instagram: @inthefrow]

Just Rosemary | Wonderful U FacebookWonderful You
Dear Meg, bright eyed and always smiling. Recently Meg has decided to quite her job in the interior design world pursue blogging full time, but first an American Adventure!

Meg has a soft and welcoming heart (I have judge this by the way she writes and by her vlogs). She is very focussed on bringing about awareness of female health, from cervical cancer to body consciousness. Her bubbly personality is contagious and warm. [Instagram: @wonderful_u]

These two ladies are a more recent discovery, although I have been following them for a while but not quite as long as the others. They are more country and wholesome lifestyle orientated, focussing on the outdoors, hobbies, recipes and family gatherings.
Cider with Rosie Blog ImageCider with Rosie
Old soul Rosie writes about her everyday life and adventures with partner, Jason, and pup, Teddy. Her stories are delightful and her imagery of the English country side, family holiday snaps and everyday moments has you wanting to be there with her. I look forward to following her a little more avidly. [Instagram: @ciderwithrosieblog]
Bless this weather blog imageBless the Weather
This is Siobhan. She is a maker of beautiful things, photographer and small business owner. Knitting seems to be something she loves, along side calligraphy and blogging. She is very good with providing you with inspiring images and ideas, Siobhan’s Friday posts are definitely a must to follow and read. Another blog I am taking more time to follow and read. [Instagram: @siobhanwatts]

It has taken me a good hour…ok two hours to try and tweak/edit this post while climbing up trees and charging around this mini forest of a garden after my two mischievous kittens. I that hope that what I have left you with has tickled a little fancy to give these 6 women a google, browse, read and follow – or quite simply, click on their blog titles I have made them clickable (winks in your direction).

After all, there is nothing better than a Sunday afternoon, warm beverage of your preference in hand, reading new…and old blogs. So enjoy!

[All images used are from the ladies blogs or Facebook pages, I do not take any credit for them at all. I have provided links to their blogs]