While you wait for all this content which I have talked up, and so can’t disappoint, I thought I would fill you in on my life with a little catch up of sorts. This is going to be a LONG one… The Lion and I spent the past two weekends together; we joined my family for a little Drakensberg trip (no editing and no filters – Samsung S4)…
Just Rosemary | Ferns | DrakensbergJust Rosemary | Me & The Lion Just Rosemary | Flora | Drakensberg Just Rosemary | Gxalingenwa WaterfallJust Rosemary | Gxalingenwa Waterfall 2Just Rosemary | Walk to Gxalingenwa Waterfalland then a weekend down the south Coast with Scuba Steve..
Just Rosemary | Ramsgate | AutumnJust Rosemary | Ramsgate | Autumn 2It really is a treat to be able to ‘escape’ to these places and share some laughs with friends and family. Especially before returning to the rat race and getting on top of deadlines and adult life…

For the past four weeks I have been dealing with everyone but Father Christmas trying to get financing for a vehicle. This has proved to be quite an unpleasant experience and has taken all the fun out of getting my very first second car, but my very first car in my name. Yeah I know right, just in time to wrap up my 20’s! This is what happens when you don’t have an already existing credit record (cringe). But here we are, week four, and I have it! My big bottomed girl! She is a n i20 2010 model in white and she is marvellous! (beams)

At the same time as organising a new car I came across a litter of kittens up for adoption at our South Coast SPCA…Just one look at these little dears and I fell in love! Of course by the time I managed to get in touch with them, there were only two left for adoption and they were two that had caught my eye….here are 8 week old Maya and Jasper!
Just Rosemary | Maya & JasperThey have been home for a week and have already meet all three pups and our other two cats. The ladies, our other two cats, are not very happy about the idea. In fact Raisin, our stray who moved in, is so unimpressed all she can do is hiss and run. Which leaves our other cat Jamie, a tabby with a ‘you can love when I say you can love me’ kind of attitude, allowing them to get fairly close with the occasional spit. They will be settled in in no time at all!

So that’s my life to date, now I am back to editing my first post for category post ‘The Things I Have Done’…

Have a fantastic week!



Today I bring you a small taste of what is to come!

I have come to realise that I have been doing a lot of emotional ‘venting’ while holding back on the other things I am passionate about. It is also most likely due to the fact that I have been procrastinating and coming up with all kinds of excuses…like not having the right photographic skills, or the right props for a particular shoot…well enough is enough and I am getting my A into G (smile)!

My blog will be undergoing an image change, as I brush up on my WordPress skills and get all these posts in their correct categories/labels and give credit where credit is due. I have also decided, and this is going to sound crazy, to start afresh on Instagram. I will be keeping my Instagram handle but deleting my images and starting over…new beginnings and fresh starts. My Facebook page has been unpublished for the same reason and will be back up as soon as I have things in order again. And of course, I have been working on some new content for your reading pleasure. I have been doing a little self reflection and really digging deep into the things that I am interested in and have come up with some basic themes which I think you will all like;

– This is where my ‘On My Mind’ and ‘Lately’ post will have title changes but still be the same thoughts. I will share some of my hand journalling to date as well as any other magical thoughts and happenings that might come my way…movie reviews, other bloggers I follow, Instagram and such!

Vanity Fair
– Here you will find all my favourite products of the moment and season. A little review one each product as well as any make-up applications, fashion and other seasonal vanity bits I indulge in.

Things I Have Done
– Past and Present…throw backs and just the other days happenings. Big, small and all the in betweens. Holiday destinations, weekend wonderings and even achieving a few goals to get out into the ocean and up into the mountains. Adventure and some soul nurturing.

The Gluten Free Kitchen
– I will be putting my culinary skills to the test with recipes, box mix reviews as well as some of the best Gluten Free goods you can find in this small town and around!

To kick start my creativity, I am off to the Berg this weekend and look forward to compiling this content in hope that things will flow a lot smoother here-on out. If any of these topics have tickled your fancy then I hope you will keep an eye on this little blog for the next few weeks!