HELLO 2015

As you can see, I am a bit behind on the resolutions/goal sharing for 2015. But I wanted to be sure of them before I displayed them to you, my readers, who ever you are out there…

Last year I didn’t create a goals list to share with you but rather a ‘self defining’ list. What I have come to realise over the past year is that one should not force something, but rather find the enjoyment of the tasks at hand and they will come naturally.

I have spent the first week of January thinking carefully of what I want to achieve this year and then stepping back and saying, ‘this is what I am going to achieve this year.’ By allowing myself to look at these goals as fun tasks rather than life milestones, I have already canceled out the anxiety factor. They all still have some kind of time span, but not a DEADLINE. I have split my goals up into two categories; Main Goals (Larger life goals, to be achieved in order to ensure an easier way of living) and General Points of Focus (smaller goals and resolutions to focus on and achieve to enhance my skills, relationships and general sense of well being).
Just Rosemary 2015 Processed with VSCOcam2015 this is what I have for you…

My main goals: The first steps to accepting adulthood.
1. Buy a new car; Beast, the old girl, is growing tired and is losing control of many of her basic functions these days.
2. Get my own medical aid
3. Upgrade my investment account; Ensure I am putting away 10% every month, at least.

General points of focus: Just some little carrots to keep me moving forward.
Health & fitness 
Now this can fall into a number os classes, but I am going to work on 2 specific areas; Physical and Emotional.
1. Join an aerobic class where I will be watched over to ensure I am burning that fat and toning that body!
2. Try more GF recipes and plan ahead for most meals to ensure I am eating a balanced meal.
3. Drink more water and less sugar/caffeine/carbs/meat.
4. Join a yoga/pilates group to strengthen my core and assist with flexibility. As well as a form of meditation.

This year I would like to improve my Social Media Marketing knowledge and skills in order to be able to performer in a higher roll when/if required.
1. Get on top of things; ‘Do today what can be done today’. My organisation is one of my better skills and I must use it.
2. Increase my knowledge and skills on strategy/content planning.
3. Less anxiety and more smiles.

1. I want to strengthen existing friendships
2. Make more wonderful memories with friends, family and partners.
3. Start a few traditions, that will hopefully continue for years to come.

Skills & Hobbies
I thrive on learning new things and developing new skills.
1. Hand Lettering; Along side my RO-RO project I want to be able to hand draw original content for my social media platforms. I will be doing this over the course of the year.
2. Horticulture; I love plants, have an interest in hydroponics and would like to start engaging in a more sustainable garden project. But at the top of my list…I will be a successful orchid grower!
3. Photography; I have a Canon 400D SLR, I have it’s manual…have I ever read it, no! So this year I will be learning how exactly to use this lovely thing and hopefully bring you some great pictures.
4. More Make-up; As a makeup artist I have not done any work in so long, so I am planning a few projects and hopefully they will come to life over course of the year. And perhaps learn a few new techniques!
5. Drawing; Ah, art. I have not sat down and proper drawn since…maybe 2011. I used to love art. So this will be the year I get back into it.
6. Cooking; Let’s try level up in the baking department…and in the savouries, let’s try start!
7. Photo Shop; When I say I have basic skills, I mean basic skills! I want to really develop my knowledge and skills in this department to bring you a blog with clear images and illustrations.
8. Journalling; Is there really an art to journalling? I will find out. This way I will be able to keep record of all my adventures and doings and be able to bring you posts with a clearer thought than that of my thoughts now. (smile) I also hope that this will better my writing skills.
9. Read more; I would like to really make an effort to read more than one book in a year…more than one book in three years (cringe!).
10. Get crafty; I had to round it off to ’10’ and this one to me is very important as I always talk a big game at the beginning of the year about how I will make gifts this year, as well as halloween costumes etc so I have added it to the list! I am excited to share all my gift making with you guys! (grins)


1. Set dates and make actual plans to go away; Camping, Hiking and even over night stays.
2. Take a day trips; museums, parks, galleries, theatre etc.
3. Travel a little further than our front door at least once a year. It’s doable, so why on earth not!

No matter how small the success, celebrate it, make a thing out of it! Not just my successes but the people around me too.
1. Send a note, send flowers, make a card, have a small gathering…celebrate!
2. Attend celebrations. Do your best never to turn one down!
3. Throw a party; Holidays, Birthdays…don’t stress too much about the planning, it will all come together with a little faith and party spirit!

I have been a little careless around this festive, merry time of the year and now I find myself having to be very careful on how or what I am spending money on. that said, my bonus this year went right into savings! (beaming to myself).
1. Make a more concerted effort to keep on top of my finances; A monthly track of how and where I have been spending my money.
2. Start seeing where I could be putting my pennies this year; A small amount of money aside into a travel fund, house fund or other can be hugely beneficial by the end of the year.

1. Take the time to produce quality posts.
2. Do not back date a single post.
3. More images of my doings.
4. Give my blog it’s own Facebook page (mini freak out!)
In doing this I hope to have a more regular schedule and hope to include more of my bigger projects; RO-RO and MothWorks, which have both sort of taken a back seat at the moment.

So there you have it! I have a hunger for learning,  goals, deadlines and time frames, yet find myself wanting to just lie among the trees and take in every sight and sound. So let it be this year, this is the time and my journey starts now!