It has been quite a rush to try and wrap up 2014 in time to start a fresh new year! We all know things don’t go quite as smoothly as we would like them to…but we always find a way to pick ourselves up and make a ‘not so great’ situation into something that fits, works and leaves us smiling in the end! I give you my 2014 ‘wrap up’…

Just Rosemary ChangeProjects:
So here I sit, with my first prototype of a bunny I have been sewing for years and I find that my heart sinks, but not too much before I have halted it’s decent and lifted it back up! So I sit with my prototype; it’s distorted, tight and not very cuddly body like a board in my hand. I run my fingers along the stitching, breath pausing when my fingers meet the stitches that have enclosed the unfriendly stuffing. I am not happy. My dear little labels, logo just peeping out, look out of place and positioned on the wrong side…

This is my first experience using a manufacturer. To trust someone else to create something that you thought up and created, that others have taken to over the years only to be overcome by disappointment is very hard. This, I am afraid, is business; you will not always ace your production first time, and you will feel/be let down, but you need to stay focused and remember why you started.

I have decided to set up a meeting in the new year and speak with the gentleman one on one, with the middle man there to ensure that all I have to discuss and convey is understood and adhered to throughout the process.

I started doing some research on the dealings with manufacturers and ones middle man in these processes, and low and behold Martha has the answer (smiles). I have done a thorough read through of this article and even bookmarked it as reference. I have a clear plan now; This time I will be taking a complete prototype of each of my creations and not just the separate elements (this last time things were a little rushed and I was slightly blinded by the excitement that others see what I see). I will have all fabric swatches available, as well as already made patterns and a breakdown on what pricing I am expecting.

These are lessons we all have to learn, and good ones. In fact, I see this as an opportunity to sit down with a group of people and explain to them my vision, help them fall in love with these little creatures as I have.

sketch book1And with regards to MothWorks…well I am still working on that! (Bashful smile)

Just Rosemary Towards the Sun Relationships:
Over the past few years, or should I say most of my life, I have had friends and partners enter my life with my thoughts of them staying forever. I have had a my heart broken more than 3 times and have drifted from friends who have followed new paths. But this year has topped all those years when I finally experienced a broken heart from friendships.

Friendships are just as intense as relationships with partners and hurt just as much when they come to an end. And you can try until you are wrecked and torn to try and fix whatever it was that you might have, or might not have done, but in the end you have to come to the realisation that not all relationships are meant to last forever. In this you will find comfort. To realise and understand that people are in our lives, in our journeys to teach us certain things, and we must take these things and either hold them close to us or make a mental note and try not to repeat history.

With all this said, one should not be left drowning in their emotional turmoil but rather lift themselves out of that dark damp hole and follow the sunshine!
Just Rosemary Courage
Vanity Fair:
With everything going on I discovered that from going on and off of my pill has caused me to have the affect of adult acne!!! This is a disaster! The discovery was made one day when my skin was so sore and tender that I just could not face going to work, not to mention a nasty fungus that had developed on my feet and a blistered type of eczema which I miss diagnosed (self diagnosed) as a gluten reaction, when I decided to visit a skin specialist. He proceeded to charm me with his impeccable bedside manner when he told me that I will have this condition until I am about 40!

As charmed as I was (I wasn’t) I accepted his advice and proceeded to purchase all kinds of ointments and a three month course of antibiotic, costing what resembled a small fortune….needless to say I am foot fungus free, hand eczema free and made a final decision to go back on Orotane.

This trauma resulted in my discovery, of what I have claim to be, a divine range of products! In November I purchased a LUSH product that does everything it says it will leaving your feeling fresh and exhilarated! I also purchased the first of many Esse products in September…LOVE them!!!

I seem to have become a bit of a buyer into the ‘well groomed’ world over the last few months of 2014. I have always felt that one should always take good care of oneself, and so I started a little late, but just in time I think, for the new year that is. A new year with products I have tested and am happy to continue with. I hope to do a few reviews and shares on these specific products which have caught my fancy, and would love to hear your thoughts!

It is no surprise that I find happiness in the simple pleasures; gardening, baking, organising, to name a few. I have spent my year caring for orchids (4 out of about 7 died and the others are in high care after the disastrous Christmas Day saga!), dabbling in a little baking (gluten free) and cleaning/reorganising my bedroom/office/sanctuary/closet. Ahhh…the instant weight that is lifted when your possessions are fewer, less cluttered and accessible.

I take the simple things for granted, look past the small gestures of kindness and forget to reward what should be taken note of and not what magical disillusion i have burned into my mind. Receive gracefully, be kind and always, always smile…
Just Rosemary Life is ArtYes I think I am going to be ok!