I just realised that I didn’t do a ‘On My Mind…’ post for the past two Mondays. I think It’s a good thing as sometimes things do become overwhelming and too deep when they really are just simple.

Over the past month I have read several blog posts, all focusing on ‘alone time’, ‘why did we start blogging’ and ‘have we lost the true meaning of blogging’. These are all very interesting points and I think I am slowly getting back to the root of all of them. So I sat down and thought about it and this what I have come up with…

I started blogging because:
– I wanted to share my thoughts, deep or otherwise.
– I wanted to share my hobbies.
– I wanted to share my adventures.
– I wanted to show you the beautiful people in my life.
– I wanted to share my life, day to day at some stage.
– I wanted to use this as an outlet to discover my core, to sift out all the unnecessary & really enjoy ME & the world around me.
love and belongingI have had many relationship falling outs over the past week. I have learned that there is a great deal of respect needed for everyones personal choices, no matter how hurtful they might seem to you at the time. Everyone deserves to be happy and have that happiness around them.

I have found comfort in discovering the route to all my anxieties and am so glad to be working through them, although on ones own is not always easy, you are able to discover many corners of yourself which you have steered away from for too long…which leaves many more questions to be answered but a clear path lies ahead.

The recent illness of someone close to me has brought much realisation to me on how silly my worries/problems are in comparison, again casting so much light on how we should be living versing how we try to live.

I have regrouped and reassessed and will be being moving forward in a rather delightful manner. I am no longer negative (well 80%) and am looking at nothing but the bright future that lies ahead. These ‘On My Mind…’ Mondays will no longer be so heavy but rather light and full of wonderful thoughts and musings (smile).

With 2015 just around the corner I hope to achieve more than just self reflecting, but rather a place for you to come read more about my two projects (RO-RO and MothWorks), the odd beauty review, adventures in the kitchen and the outdoors as well as some occasional curiosities.

I wish for you to enjoy these erratic thoughts and to become more comfortable with the person you are reading about, perhaps you relate to some of these struggles, or maybe you just enjoy the the baking part of my blog. I would really like to hear from you…


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