The Gluten Free Kitchen | 001


You read right, don’t scoff. I don’t see the shame in using a box mix, especially if it is a great box mix! Now for this particular occasion it was due to my gluten sensitivity which I brought up in my post ‘Self Defining’ at the beginning of the year. Most recipes call for far too many flours and alternatives than I can afford, or sometimes find.

Luckily gluten free, and vegan friendly options have become readily available in box mix form at most health stores, although the range is not big, it still allows for some experimentation with some trial and error. I for one love toast with avocado and a cracking of salt and pepper, soft bread with jam and cheese…fresh bread, who does not love that! So today I tried a gluten free bread mix…

Just Rosemary gluten free bread mix1

A very easy set of instructions, with the option of adding milk and an egg instead of the oil, which I did. 5 minutes to pour in the ingredients, mix and then spoon it into the tin. I left mine to stand for 20 minutes in a warm dry place before cooking it for the full advised 35 minutes. And what you get is a beautiful rustic top and a super soft and light inside.

Just Rosemary box mix gf bread

Although not pleasant on it’s own, it is perfect for all and any toppings. Best when sliced nice and thick right after cooling, and even more superb toasted on a skillet. That said, I still risk my gluten sensitivity and indulge in glossy sticky pastries, fluffy baked goods smeared in frosting and ridiculously decadent treats and delights.


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