My dear kitten, best friend and devoted companion.

Often highlights and positive moments get clouded over or erased by sad, and stressful events. We need to make a concerted effort to remember these happy moments and hold them close to us to get through the hard times. But mostly to remember all the good.


My dear kitten, best friend and devoted companion is dying of Feline Lymphatic Cancer. It has happened so fast. I think about her everyday when I am not home and how I would give anything for just one more year, to have her by my side and snuggle with her. But the reality is, I have about a month.

So I have been sitting here, scanning through all my photo files, sharing happy memories and thoughts with my beautiful feline friend, as she lies next to me purring away despite her condition.

I would like to share some of my favourite pictures with you…


This image was sent to me by my mom while I was living in Cape Town. I had to leave my lovely girl behind. This is a picture of her cooling off on the couch arm in front of the court yard door catching the breeze.




When it came time for cutting and sewing stock for ro-ro Annie would make sure that she was included in every decision; the choosing of fabric, the laying of the fabric, the pinning and of course the cutting. Threads and stray pieces of fabric were the perfect toy in between work.



The above two images where taken in 2011; Annie was glad to have her mom home and back from Cape Town. She did a lot of sleeping on my pillows and ensuring she was always close to me.


She is a lot less agile now and sleeps almost all day. I treasure these days with her and talk to her making sure she knows how much I love her.

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