Self defining.

JUST ROSEMARY, the title of my blog of course refers to me. But I never really thought about what it would mean. I would share all my interests, adventures, stories and so on. Recently I had an epiphany!

I need to define myself, really find out who I am. Don’t get me wrong, I know who I am, and I’m not crazy. I just noticed that I wanted to be a part of so many things. Everything started to share the same priority level or the same amount of energy and focus. One eventually starts to feel a bit overwhelmed and lost at times…unsure of their true selves.

I started to make a list, to narrow who I am into a few points;
-I am sensitive to gluten, become gluten free.
-I am interested in people and marketing for small/entrepreneurial businesses, find a full time job that incorporates both.
-I am passionate about Makeup, styling and my brand ro-ro, turn them into hobbies and one day they might become my job.
-I am happiest when I look good, indulge in some beauty and wardrobe therapy.
-I am happiest when I feel good inside and out, get out there and get fit! Tone, tone, tone!
-I am lover of the outdoors, dust off that old tent and get my adventure gear on.
-I am a friend, make a concerted effort to stay in touch and get together on a regular basis (when possible).
-I am a daughter, understand that my parents just want whats best for me and return the love they give unconditionally.
-I am a sister, do more sister bonding activities and try to understand them better (I’m 1 of 3 girls).

Now to ensure that I focus on these key points I must ‘clean out my closet’, literally and figuratively speaking. Off I go!!!

All the best for an absolutely fantastic, grand and marvelous TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN!!!


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